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We offer Australia’s cheapest touch screen video jukebox and karaoke machine hire. We hire video jukebox karaoke machines in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Jukebox Hire Co has an extensive range of music that covers all genres from the 50’s till today, so you’ll always find something you like.

The Jukebox Hire Co Guarantee

  • Cheapest touch screen video jukebox karaoke machine hire in Australia. If you find a cheaper price for a comparable modern touch screen video jukebox karaoke package with free delivery, send us the quote via email and will beat it.
  • Every jukebox package includes two intelligent disco lights that fill your dance area with coloured lights and patterns
  • Each Jukebox Hire Co machine is updated with the latest hits every month.
  • Free delivery of the jukebox karaoke machines within 30kms of each cities CBD
  • Free set up and demonstration of how the jukebox karaoke machine works
  • We pick up your jukebox karaoke machine free of charge
  • We confirm all bookings with emails and calls, so you can relax knowing your touch screen video jukebox karaoke machine is definitely booked
  • Our jukebox karaoke machines are regularly serviced so you don’t encounter problems

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Deciding between a DJ and a jukebox, the great dilemma discussed

Many of our clients are often faced with the question of what is better for their function, a jukebox or a DJ? There are many factors which can affect this decision. The type of function you are having, the age group, your budget and what sort of atmosphere you are trying to create. We have explained these below:

Function type: this is a big factor is deciding whether a jukebox is right for you. For example, a wedding. A wedding really requires a DJ because you need the human element to cue the songs for the critical parts of the night such as the bridal party entry. Also, the guests are mostly seated for the start of the night, so you really need someone to be controlling the music so your guests can sit back and enjoy the night.

On the other hand, if you just had a few kids around for a 13th birthday, a jukebox would be the way to go because the kids could choose what they like and do their own thing. Jukeboxes can be a great choice for most functions because it allows the guests to have the flexibility to choose their own songs, control the volume of the music and have music till whatever time they want, unlike a DJ were you are limited to their playing time.

Age group: the age of your guests can be a determining factor of whether a jukebox is right for your guests. Our jukeboxes are touch screen and are very easy to use. The menu text is large and is easy to read. You can search by artist, title or categories, so finding a song is simple. The jukebox is recommended for ages between 10-65 years old. Little kids and seniors might be more comfortable with a DJ controlling the music.

Budget: a budget can be a big determining factor. Our jukebox packages start at $199, and our jukebox with karaoke packages go for $219. This is much cheaper then a DJ, with the average DJ charging $350 plus for the night. A jukebox karaoke package is definitely better value for money because you get to have the machine for the whole night, unlike a usual DJ package which is 5 hours, so you can party for longer! The jukebox karaoke packages also allow you to have access to 3000 karaoke songs with 2 microphones, so for an extra $20 your guests can have some fun with karaoke.

Atmosphere: in terms of creating atmosphere, we believe a video jukebox with karaoke is the better option. A jukebox allows the guests to create their own atmosphere by choosing songs that appeal to them. Many DJ’s often play what they like, and this may not always appeal to the guests present. A jukebox allows the guests at the function to shape their own night, and this often creates a better party atmosphere. The addition of video clips also helps to add that visual element to the party, and if you choose to add a projector to your package, the big screen is a great visual stimulator.

The addition of karaoke is perhaps the biggest atmosphere factor. Karaoke allows people to let loose and is a great release from the normal pressures of life. It allows everybody to escape for a moment and have a good laugh with friends, family and work colleagues. It can be quite interesting to see how people act when they have a microphone in their hands, and to many people this is very entertaining.


So overall, whilst we might be bias, we believe that the hire of a video jukebox, or video jukebox with karaoke is a better choice then a DJ in most cases.